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It’s time to END NIGERIA so that people who want development can go ahead- Bishop kukah


It’s time to END NIGERIA so that people who want development can go ahead- Bishop kukah

I have never been as unsure of Nigeria future as I am now-BISHOP MATTHEW HASSAN KUKAH

After independence, in order to build a great nation, each country went to work. But in Nigeria, after independence, our people went to pray and fast.

So, while we were praying, Malaysia came here and took our palm seedlings and build a great factory of it.
While we were praying, Singapore went into investment in technology.
While we were praying, India went into ICT.

While we were praying, China went to massive industrialization.
While we were shouting Allah Alakuba! UAE went into massive infrastructural development.
While we were binding and casting Lucifer, Japan went into technological development.
While we were speaking in tongues, Denmark went into education of her citizens.

While we were mounting big speakers in our places of worship, USA was mounting man on the moon.
After our prayers, God, being a wise God decided to reward us according to our labour.
Since those that went into industrialization, technology, infrastructural development, ICT, education etc had been rewarded accordingly. It’s only wise God rewards us with our efforts in prayers.


That’s why today, Nigerian pastors are competing in building the biggest churches. That’s why there are more prayer houses and worship places than hospitals and schools. That’s why people rush to prayer houses for medical and business solutions instead of hospitals.That’s why we don’t do business proposals before jumping into business since we are going to back it up with prayers. And when such collapse, we blame devil.

That’s why it’s a sin to say anything negative about pastors and imams.
That’s why our pastors don’t consider the opinion of engineers while building and blame devil when the building collapsed.

That’s why faith in God replaces building pillars and when it collapsed we blame it on Lucifer.
That’s why our pastors are making sure they plant church branches instead of schools in every street in Nigeria.
That’s why we always wait for God to do that which ability to accomplish He has already handed over to us.
That’s why we want our teachers to labour on earth and come to heaven for their rewards.

Nigeria is a prayer loving, God fearing nation. Religion has taken the place of technology, infrastructure, education and all.

When we are traveling, we ignore all the necessary road requirements, servicing of our vehicles and pray. And, once we pray, we can put a half fit vehicle on the road and blame our step mother or mother in law if anything goes wrong.

That’s why there are more people dying on our roads than wild life animals in the wilderness.
Because, we pray and fast and leave everything to God when God has given us all we need to survive and build a nation

God help us.

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  1. Gambo Mercy says

    Indeed,we only know how to pray.

  2. Eyakenama says

    Like Jesus our savior, only Bishop Kukah always points the way forward for us as a nation.

  3. Kayode Oyeyemi says

    Pastors are successful at what they do, let our politicians who are meant to chart the way for our nation do theirs.

    Never blame Pastors or Imams that are successful with their vision, blame Nigeria leaders who are careless of the vision our great leaders had.

  4. Nigeria says

    We should continue putting blame on and our vexation on the current president and exempt those who are hidden under the wind of blaming the president to be symphony and impoverishing the rest of us.

    Nigerians are suffering because of the lack of knowledge. Yes It’s true to have faith in God, but the way Nigerians are going about it seems as if we are deceiving ourselves because, we are not really tackling the basic principles to exist as a nation.

    Let’s continue to sleep in our slumber, deviate from the actual truth and be saying all such of nonsense about the president.

  5. Shaibu Ibrahim says

    Say the truth and it will set you free. That’s your name. Reverend H KUKA, the kingdom of God shall be yours. You have said the truth now are they ready to listen. Looting state treasury to go and bribe another thief to be president.

  6. Effiong Gerald Ukofia says

    When we begin to do it right we will get it really right
    And until we wake up to act right can we get it really right
    Imagine research is not given adequate attention how can we get to the desire result without research the development of various miles
    Bishop I salute you for speaking up

  7. Mario says

    You are very correct.

  8. Steve says


    This is way too powerful but I never want to be carried away with this:

    As touching the Church, not all are asleep. The church is doing it’s best and we have practical examples everywhere.

    The church isn’t permitted to do what government ought to do. If the government really wakes up we compliment each other…

    *(The fault the church may have is not participating enough in politics, which if we do we’re still label as worldly)*

    Which of the countries of the world blames the church for all these. Where the government is working no one can see the church to blame, even if the church is doing something it won’t show where the government isn’t working as expected.

    Do we yet have a government where if any wealthy citizen volunteers to rebuild the bad roads he should be preparing for jail and yet the road is left undone by the same government. In those things tell me how that is the forth of the church?

    Those countries also pray but their governments work and everyone joins including the church.

    *One hand works, the other holds the sword was the method of Nehemiah*

    Never complains that the church is building mansions and holding prayer meetings and do nothing, but rather complain that the church has refused to fully send their children to participate in politics

    That’s my submission, Bishop Kukah and to whom it may concern

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