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We of the Sen Peter Nwaoboshi media team find it very nauseating and stomach churling, that a supposedly educated and retired journalist in the person of Mr. Nobert Chiazor – head of the Prince Ned Media team – will, in a childishly, elementary manner unbecoming of a retired journalist of his standing write a very watery, fallacious piece of thrash: *”Prison, Pity and Peter Nwaoboshi”* with an opening *’thesis statement’* in this abominable invective that is blatantly false, ahistorically fraudulent and fallacious.❌👎👹

No informed Nigerian journalist or Nigerian stakeholder particularly Ndi Anioma will take to heart a post that ouzes out outright lies couched in the most negative, propogandist diatribe that reminds all of the infamous style associated with Hitler’s, Goebells.

May we reappraise the opening thesis statement from this scandalously disgraceful blight of a personality to the refined, erudite profession of Journalism – Mr Chiazor – so as to expose it’s latent character, cunningly written to implant false consciousness on Nigerian stakeholders.

Chiazor in his desperate attempt to tarnish the image of Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi who was on the 7th of July, 2023 set free by the Supreme court over trumped up charges of money laundering  began his journey into infamy by lying outrightly:

*”Peter Nwaoboshi did not win the 2018 PDP senatorial primary election. Prince Ned Nwoko won. Nwaoboshi became Senator in 2019 by subterfuge. That he went to senate and lost out in the middle of nowhere is the out turn of trickery’*

One of our bright, erudite minds in the Spon media team, elsewhere, had replied this concocted piece of fallacy of the first order thus:

 “This is the most useless post I have seen this Year.

1. On the day of the 2018 Primary election for Delta North Senate, Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi won free, fair and squarely in the presence of everyone.

2. A candidate went to the Court to challenge the victory of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi at the Abuja High Court and the legal team of Senator Peter Nwaoboshi clearly told the Judge that he had no jurisdiction to hear the matter for the following reasons:

A. The Court has no locus standi to hear the matter ab initio.

B. The suite been a pre-election matter was already status-barred because the 14days allowed for filing of pre-election matters already elapsed.

3. The High Court judge was hell-bent on hearing the matter because he already had vested interest in the suit and went ahead to give a BLACK MARKET JUDGEMENT.

The plan then was for a particular candidate to be sworn-in and gain advantage over Senator Peter Nwaoboshi.

4. Senator Peter Nwaoboshi quickly appealed the judgement at the Appellate Court and the Court of Appeal struck out the judgement of the trial court and labeled the judgement a caricature of legal Process.

5. The candidate that was thrown out by the Appeal Court further went to appeal the judgement of the Appellate Court at the Supreme Court.

On the day the Supreme Court delivered judgement in that pre-election matter in favor of Distinguished Senator Peter Nwaoboshi, the Justices of the Supreme Court took a swipe at the legal counsel of the Appellant and dressed them down in manner I have never seen.

I was there live and I witnessed the entire process.”

How for goodness sake can a supposedly experienced former journalist, Mr Chiazor ever think that the Anioma at large Nigerian reading public will take him serious with his desperate attempt to turn truth on its head. It’s obvious to all informed Nigerians that the two bodies empowered by law to determine the winner of this PDP 2018 senatorial primaries elections have given their verdict in favour of Sen Peter Nwaoboshi.

First the PDP senatorial election committee who conducted this primaries in the open at the Asaba cenotaph declared Sen Peter Nwaoboshi victorious as indeed the supreme court of Nigeria judgement supported.

Where did Mr Chiazor derive his epistemological knowledge from to make this Goebellian falsehood? 

Reading through all the other paragraphs in this fallacious piece of paper follows the same trend of a struggled attempt to  hoodwink the reading public with more lies unbecoming.

Much against the July 7th 2023 Supreme court judgement which not only cleared Sen Peter Nwaoboshi with the bogus money laundering charge wrongly placed on him by the EFCC whom the Supreme court repremanded for allowing themselves to be used by unscrupulous elements to achieve a vandetta against Sen Peter Nwaoboshi our demonic writer of a Chiazor wrongfully and falsely stated rather incredibly:

” …But good conscience expects him [ Sen Peter Nwaoboshi] to chill for a change…but rather than tow the path of gratitude in graceful quietude, he bellowed yesterday like an unwise town crier, trumpeting garrulous gaffes”  

This is the most paradoxically unnerving write up that will come from an unconsciounable and, unrepentant Soul. who according to the press release granted by Sen Peter Nwaoboshi openly accused Prince Ned Nwoko of collaborating with unscorpolous elements within the ex attorney General’s office to induce the Appeal court judges to send him to jail unmeritoriosly.

Against the ruling of the Supreme court judgement of July 7, 2023 who lampooned the EFCC for allowing themselves to be used by unscorpolous elements to carry our political vandetta against innocent Sen Peter Nwaoboshi, a confused Mr Chiazor falsely asserted: *”Nwoko, a refined player had no hand in Nwaoboshi’s incarceration…popular by far, Ned would ever outrun Nwaoboshi in any political race…that explained why Prince Ned of Idumuje Ugboko made a widely published special appeal for Nwaoboshi prior to his release. His freedom is Nwoko’s pleasure. His relief, our collective respite as Anioma people…”*

Oh Gosh!- May God have mercy on this bunch of hypocritical charlatans.

To think that a Prince Ned Media team that called Sen Peter Nwaoboshi unprintable names from the  2nd July 2022 date until about 30 hours to the supreme court judgement, will suddenly make a U-turn to urge the Supreme court to free Senator Nwaoboshi leaves much to desire.

Every informed Nigerian abreast with the operations of the Supreme court judges knows fully well that supreme court judgements are not written 24 hours to JUDGEMENT day. On what basis will an opportunistic Prince Ned who went into the gutters for over one year calling Sen Peter Nwaoboshi unprintable names now suddenly make a U-turn?-  about 30 hours to JUDGEMENT to call for the senators release…obviously the Prince Ned camp knew that the game of unscorpolously using the Judiciary cum the EFCC, according to the supreme court judgement to score cheap political vendetta against an innocent Sen Peter Nwaoboshi was up after covertly throwing his weight around and ended up issuing this laughable, hypocritical, ineffectual press release that has no impact.

May we reproduce here and now an earlier post, [ first published 16-02-203]  written, which in a detailed manner, comparatively compared the two candidates, Sen Peter Nwaoboshi cum Prince Ned to reveal the emptiness of Mr Chiazors diatribe on the issue of the so called popularity of Prince Ned compared with Sen Peter Nwaoboshi. It reads;


Comparing the effectiveness and efficiency of Sen Peter Nwaoboshi’s representation at the Red chambers – Senate – for Delta North, Anioma District [ 2015/2019/2023] with the Federal House of Representative for Aniocha /Oshimili [1999-2003] of 🤴 Prince Ned Nwoko is like comparing apples🍎 [ Sen Nwaoboshi] with  oranges🍊 [ Prince Ned]

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It is like comparing a first class/ upper second class graduate [ Nwaoboshi] 💯 with one who was advised by the university Senate to withdraw himself from 🏫 school 🙀on account of his inability to pass any semester course [Prince Ned]👎

While Sen Peter Nwaoboshi, even as then PDP minority senator orchestrated with his team the emergence of Sen. Dr Olushola Saraki as Senate President, securing the strategic Senate committee chairmanship of Niger Delta; 🤴 Prince Ned wobbled, staggered, and failed quixotically to influence the leadership of the House under then Speaker Ghali Na’Abah, failing with his rag tag team to impeach him after trying eight times as captured in the May 2nd 2002 Champion newspapers editorial comment.👎❌

Albeit, while Sen Peter Nwaoboshi demonstrated the attributes of an effective, efficient parliamentarian – as a first class political lobbyists cum strategist, 🤴 Prince Ned our London trained Barrister displayed ineffective, inefficient capacity of a good strategist lobbyist – parliamentarian.

While 🤴 Ned failed to get any of his bills signed into law or passed by both chambers during his ABYSMALLY lack lustre stewardship❌; Sen Peter Nwaoboshi fared much better with strategic bills signed into law cum passed by both chambers as the case may be💪

While 🤴 Prince Ned could not for four years secure any strategic House committee chairmanship position or membership of the 🏠 House caucus during his tenure, thus failing to attract meaningful developmental projects for his constituents✖️, Sen Peter Nwaoboshi utilized his chairmanship of the Senate committee on Niger Delta cum membership of the Senate caucus to attract avalanche of developmental projects unprecedented into his Senatorial District.💯

Based on these empirically factual points Sen Peter Nwaoboshi Aguajiejemba LIONIC AMBASSADOR of Anioma Nation 👍 as a gold fish has no hiding place – He will by God’s Grace reclaim his stolen mandate as he asserted🤝; one does not change a winning team; the score card of 🤴 Prince Ned and representation is abysmally very very embarrassing 😱🥶 no wonder one critique regards him as one of the worst National Assembly representative produced by Delta North since 1999; mediocrity should not be encouraged, and a true Anioma son, according to Sen Peter Nwaoboshi must not benefit from fraud representing our good people as the supreme court judgement of July 7 established. 👹🙊👽👺❌

Mr Nobert Chiazor of the Prince Ned Media team, and his acolyte’s forgot so easily like an ‘otakala’ kindergarten upstart, the rudiments of writing a thesis statement like an experienced journalist- it must be based on facts, provable historical facts and reality, and not outright Goebellian Hitler’s propogandist fallacy of the first order.👎❌👺

Mr Philip Elueme

On behalf of the SPON Media Team.


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