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FUEL HIKE: Nigeria Precarious Situation Under An Incompetent Rejuvenated Tyrant Richard Odusanya


FUEL HIKE: Nigeria Precarious Situation Under An Incompetent Rejuvenated Tyrant

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frederick Bastiat.

Nigeria is a fraudulent enterprise run by fraudulent minds, supervised by criminals for the benefit of few greedily pervasive elements. “There is no more dangerous menace to civilization than a government of incompetent, clueless, corrupt or vile men.” – Von Mises.

Profit should never come at the cost of human blood. Truth will never shine from a heart filled with corruption and lies. Politics, it seems to me, for years or all too long has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong.

How do you explain a thoroughly bemused citizens of the sixth largest oil producing country Nigeria, wake up to be confronted with sudden fuel price increase after the Federal government through the minister of state petroleum denied any plan to increase the pump price, this was precisely on the first day of March 2021.


A nation of unimaginable resources turned into the extreme poverty capital of the world by the rodents. Nigerians are daily confronted with issues of: insecurity, killings, banditry, insurgency, hunger and poverty as a result of poor leadership.

This is callous and insensitive to the plight of over one hundred and fifty millions of our compatriots living below poverty line. The vision of the future has become bleak. An average Nigerian works over twelve hours for a peanut salary without having time for family or vacation.

Currently, the value of a dollars to naira is most outrageous for a supposed Giant of Africa. If we convert the monthly salary of an average Nigerian to US dollars, it is so glaring why Nigeria is the world’s capital of poverty. Things are so hard in Nigeria, people are merely working for survival.

This government is a total disaster to this country and the masses and talks of one Nigeria, progress and equity are sham. Hopefully, the price of fuel will get to a thousand naira per litre before the commencement of Dangote refinery and the end of this government tenure.

Even if people in America just work to pay bills and feed themselves and if by the end of the day they couldn’t afford to build a house or achieve much, they will have still lived a better life than a rich man in Nigeria. Many of the persons, Yahoo boys with flashy cars and mansions scam abroad are mostly average citizens. People that are poor abroad can make someone in Nigeria a millionaire. That’s to show you the difference between the standard of living and quality of life.

PPPRA on Thursday night, 11th March 2021 posted its new template that showed an increase in the pump price of petrol from N186 to N212 per litre. State-owned oil firm NNPC had also raced to Twitter to insist that fuel price would not be going up immediately this morning. But Nigerians aren’t fools, they know this administration has always been a government of denial since 2015.

The next breaking news we will see will be a statement from Femi Adeshina or Garba Shehu claiming that the previous information on the website was a false news by political detractors. Lai Mohammed will come and wrap things up on this current administration is best thing that ever happened to the nation.

It’s same old story every time. They increase the fuel pump price, another denies, the increment stands later, toothless Nigeria Labour Congress push for strike, government settles them, they call off strike and government reduces the new price by ten to twenty naira, everybody is happy, they say the benediction for the cashout service to close.

Never before, in the history of this nation has there been a great cry for a progressive change. With the level of chaos in this country, we don’t need another election. What we need is urgent Comprehensive national conference to redefine our Nationhood and Citizenship terms. The next election should be a new referendum.



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