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Governor Fintiri Advocates Tolerance And Peaceful Co-existence As Christians Celebrate Easter


Governor Fintiri Advocates Tolerance And Peaceful Co-existence As Christians Celebrate Easter

Adamawa State Governor, Rt. Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has extended his warmest greetings to Christians in the State on the celebration of this year’s Easter.

He pointed out that “As we celebrate the commemoration of the central event in the history of Christendom- the resurrection of Jesus Christ, let us learn tolerance and sacrifice taught by Jesus’s teachings”.
Governor Fintiri urged citizens of the State to tolerate each other inspite of their differences.
According to the Governor, “The holy day marks that moment in time when good conquered evil, hope overcame despair and life triumphed over death”.


The Fresh air Governor stressed that in this age of great challenges of insecurity and coronavirus pandemic, Easter’s timeless message strengthens the people for the tasks before them.
Governor Fintiri noted that as “We celebrate let us remember that our lives have great purpose and value, and therefore we must never give up hope of a better Nigeria, adding that as citizens of Adamawa State, let us play our roles as true citizens through love and sacrifice for the general good of the society.

The ATM Governor said “The greatest legacy that Jesus Christ left for us is the legacy of love and sacrifice. I believe the best way we can carry on that legacy is to fulfil our obligations to our society”.
He challenged the people to show love and make sacrifices in order to maintain the harmonious and peaceful Co-existence amongst them for which the Adamawa people have come to be known.

Governor Fintiri stated that “The peace we enjoy and cooperation of the People has helped the Government venture into terrains that today have given us hope that we could be a model of development, saying our administration is determined to sustain the pace of development, but noted that the people must show commitment by leading from all fronts in order to move Adamawa State and Nigeria forward.

The Governor was quick to remind the people that “As we celebrate, let’s ensure COVID-19 safety Protocols are adhered to in all our gatherings”.

Humwashi Wonosikou Press Secretary to the Governor

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