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SAD: Man Commits Suicide Over Jilted Love


SAD: Man Commits Suicide Over Jilted Love

Callistus Agwaza, Jalingo

A Thirty One year old man, Jivini Jonnan Timothy allegedly took his life by drinking a substance known as snipper in Wukari local government area of Taraba State allegedly because his fiancee jilted him for her ex lover.

A source who is familiar with the case said that the deceased was heartbroken after he found his fiancee in the home of her ex lover and she took side with the ex lover declaring that she was no longer interested in their relationship after he had completed the traditional marriage rites.

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“They have done their traditional marriage rites and she seemed to have loved him because they have been in relationship for over 3 years. Whatever went wrong beats my imagination. The traditional wedding was held on 21st of March this year where they both consent to marry each other. That day, he was in his room when his friends called him that they saw his fiancee with her ex lover, only for him to rush there and spot her in the ex’s room.

“There was an altercation that ensued and the ex lover told him that, she was not even interested in the marriage in the first place. Since it was obvious that she had taken the ex’s side, Timothy left them heartbroken, only for us to hear that he commits suicide”.

The deceased who drank the substance in his room was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

SAD: Man Commits Suicide Over Jilted Love

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