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June 12; Democracy still our best options Regardless of shortcomings – Taraba Speaker


June 12; Democracy still our best options Regardless of shortcomings – Taraba Speaker

Sylvanus Viashima, Jalingo

The Speaker of Taraba State House of Assembly Professor Joseph Albasu Kunini on Sunday said that despite the shortcomings that characterize the country’s Democratic processes, the system of government still remains the best option for Nigeria.

Kunini who disclosed this in his message to mark this year’s Democracy Day called on the people to rise up and defend democracy by actively getting involved in the various processes and bold enough to commend and condemn appropriately.

June 12; Democracy still our best options Regardless of shortcomings – Taraba Speaker

He insisted that though some political players have made their personal interest to supersede the interest of the populace and as such go the extra miles to get into power even if through fraudulent means, the experience of military dictatorship can not even be contemplated.

“Let me warmly congratulate Nigerians on this occasion of our Democracy Day celebration. Indeed, some of the experiences we have had with our growing democracy will make a lot of people wish for something else. Our Democratic processes are not yet what we would have wished for. Experiences across the country irrespective of political parties have leaves so much to be desired. 

“However, those who were around to experience the challenges of military dictatorship will tell you it is better that we mange and grow our democracy no matter how long it takes and at whatever cost. Go to other countries where the military or other dictators are ruling and you will understand the difference.


“Sadly, a lot of people take this wonderful gift for granted and have literally bastardized it. The very idea of Democracy is to let the people have a say in the governing and control of their affairs. Yes, some unscrupulous elements try to high jack the system and control everything without regards to the basic tenets of democracy. It is disheartening.

“However, we can not give up hope. The power still lies in our hands. We must obtain our Permanent Voters Cards and get more actively involved in all the processes. It is too dangerous to not get involved because then, we sacrifice our rights and anyone will trample on them. We must get involved” he said.

The political scholar and entrepreneur urged youths to shun thuggery and bring innovative ideas on how to make their ways into power despite barriers set by the system and called on the people to always consider women and other vulnerable groups in their political calculations so that they will feel a sense of belonging.

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