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State Of The Nation: Nigeria The Plundering Of Resources And Squandering Of Riches


State Of The Nation: Nigeria The Plundering Of Resources And Squandering Of Riches.

By Richard Odusanya.

“..in fact, if law were restricted to protecting all persons, all liberties, and all properties; if law were nothing more than the organized combination of individual’s right to self-defense; if law were the obstacle, the check, the punisher of all oppression and plunder–it is likely that we the citizens would then argue much about the extent of the franchise?”-Frederick Bastiat (FB).

The contents of the quotes from (FB) validates the position of “Restructuring Of The Mind” if we will ever get it right, we the citizens and stakeholders in the Nigerian project needs a total reawakening of our mindsets ‘Restructuring’ protect our rights and defend our collective interest. So that the verdict of history, the verdict of posterity and the verdict of God Almighty will not be too harsh with us.

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The war against illegal plunder has been fought since the beginning of the world, and the scaffolds for the purpose of fighting illegal plundering of resources and squandering of riches in the context of our present predicament and the reality of our country Nigeria. This is to sensitized the minds of millions of our compatriots on the consequences of docility; this is part of the reasons for constant engagement with our: citizens, parliamentarians and perhaps prick the conscience of the people in authority.

Some four decades ago, when our iconic figure and lady of songs; Onyeka Onwenu, Richard Taylor and BBC/NTA produced a documentary on “Nigeria The Squandering Of Riches” this Documentary was made shortly before the Coup that toppled the democratically elected government of Shehu Shagari, in December 1983. The Documentary exposed mismanagement and mishandled Nigeria’s oil wealth, by the “profligate, inept and staggering corrupt administration” little did some of us with reasonable sense of judgment realized that, it was just the beginning of the years of locusts.

Over time, successive governments and the gladiators that emerged, either through Coup d’etat or from our faulty system and the fraudulent electoral process that we are stuck with presently, have surreptitiously, engineered and made it possible for the system to continue to benefit few privilege individuals, consequently assumed a life of its own and taken to the “NEXT LEVEL” of corruption, impunity and nepotism elevated to statecraft.

Under the watch of the successive governments, Nigeria a once prosperous and glorious destination, became the global capital of extreme poverty and third most terrorised nation. No thanks for the years of locusts and the “Rodents” Nigeria precarious situation under the present leadership requires an holistic approach and total reevaluation of the entire system.

The same unity of Nigeria, that is said to be non-negotiable, has always been under sustained attack, by the conduct and body language of the same gladiators that blinded their eyes to issues of “Justice, Equity and Fair play” thereby increasing tension and the fault lines of ethnicity and religion.

We want a President who is not an absentee head of State; we want a leadership that is tested and fit for purpose; we want a 21st century digital mindsets; we want a country that is fair to all. We want a New Nigeria that works for all in respective of tribe or Religion.



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